Open Sea Programme 2013

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The Open Sea Committee have launched a new website
For further information on the Open Sea Races please email the Committee.
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Droghada Masters Boyne Swim 2014
The latest venture from Droghada Masters is The Boyne Swim, 2.7 K on Saturday 14th June at 12.30. This is the first time that a swimming race has ever been held in the river Boyne at Drogheda. We have wanted to do this swim for quite a long time and now have the opportunity as part of the Irish Maritime Festival which takes place over the weekend of the 13th,14th, 15th June.
It should be a super swim taking you through the centre of Drogheda and finishing under the iconic Boyne Viaduct. Although online registration has only been active for a short time, it has already attracted a good number of swimmers; we are limiting the entrants to 150.
Here is the Facebook page link:
Maybe you could pass on the good news. Hope to see you there and at the Round the head swim in July.

Handicapper and Race Teams
The OpenSea Committee have reviewed the race handicapping process and is introducing a number of changes. Click here for a link to the new procedures and for information on a Race Team initiative to assist novice open water swimmers.

Liffey Swim Brochure / Exhibition
The Open Sea Committee have been approached by the 1913 Committee who want us to arrange an exhibition and/or a brochure to commemorate 100 years since the lockout in 1913 and the involvement of the citizens of Dublin in the Liffey Swim over the years.
This could take the form of an exhibition of photos taken during previous Liffey Swims, information on people who were saved from drowning in the Liffey and some old vehicles. The 1913 Committee have offered to assist in preparation of the materials and to give us of their historic records for this purpose.
There must be many swimmers with a talent for artistic presentation of this type of material and who have suitable old family photos and records.
Depending on input this could be just something for on the day at the quayside or a much larger exhibition in adjacent accommodation which might be made available by either the Dublin City Council or the Dublin Port Company.
Any budding artists or event and exhibition planners are invited to take part. We are looking for expressions of interest from swimmers to assist us. Please email Gus Cooney or Eoin Gaffney.
Please email

Consent Forms & First Time Swimmer Forms
For all Swimmers in Leinster Open Sea Races
Click below for Consent Forms for All Swimmers in the Leinster Open Sea Race. Please print off, complete and bring to your first Open Sea Race.
Adult Consent Form
Parent’s of Guardian’s Consent Form

In addition, the Open Sea Committee kindly asks that First Time (Novice) Swimmers complete the following form:
First Time Swimmer in Leinster Open Sea Races
The Open Sea Committee appreciates that First Time Swimmers may not be able to answer some of the questions on the above form. However please make an attempt, as it will save time at registration and will enable the race team to provide a fairer handicap.

Entry Forms for Summer 2013 Opensea Races
Entry forms are now available for the following major opensea swims later in the summer.
Great Leinster Swim - Lough Dan -17 Aug 13
94th Dublin City Liffey Swim - 24 Aug 13
Wicklow 3k Race - Wicklow Harbour - 7 Sep 13
Dun Laoghaire Harbour Race - 8 Sep 13

Overseas Entry Forms
Overseas entrants for the Liffey and Dun Laoghaire swims should use the following forms:
94th Dublin City Liffey Swim (Overseas) - 24 Aug 13
Dun Laoghaire Harbour Race (Overseas) - 8 Sep 13

Adult Consent Form
All swimmers taking part in the open sea swims organised by Leinster Swimming and Leinster Clubs should read the Adult Consent Form and returned a signed copy.

Open Sea Results - 2013 Season

Male Swimmer of the Year Details - 2013 Female
Club of the Year Details - 2013 Female
Male Phoenix - 5 Aug 13 Female
Male Wicklow Open - 4 Aug 13 Female
Male Cyril Duff Charity Race - 3 Aug 13 Female
Male Eddie Heron - 28 Jul 13 Female
Male Special Olympics Charity Race - 27 Jul 13 Female
Male Siobhan McKenna Cup - 21 Jul 13 Female
Male Bobby Nolan Trophy - 18 Jul 13 Female
Male Eastern Bay - 14 Jul 13 Female
Male Arthur Dunne Memorial - 13 Jul 13 Female
Male Dublin SC - 12 Jul 13 Female
Male St Vincents - 7 Jul 13 Female
Male Galway Prom Race - 6 Jul 13 Female
Male Carraig Masters - 2 Jul 13 Female
Male Wicklow Mid-Summer - 30 Jun 13 Female
Male North Dublin - 29 Jun 13 Female
Male Templeogue - 16 Jun 13 Female
Male Docklands - 15 Jun 13 Female
Male Glenalbyn - 9 Jun 13 Female
Male Garda Race - 8 Jun 13 Female
Male Kilmartin Cup - 2 Jun 13 Female
Male Bob Bushell - 1 Jun 13 Female


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2013 Open Sea Calendar
Click here to view the final draft of the 2013 Open Sea Swimming Calendar.

Gary Fitzgerald Half Moon Completes First Swim From Kish Lighthouse into Shore
Click here for details.
Click here for photos.

Online Survey by Dr. Tom Doyle into Jellyfish Stings
Stung By a Jellyfish?
Have you been stung by a jellyfish? If yes, then we are interested in knowing where and when the incident happened and what treatment, if any, you received.

Simply click on our Google map tool to “Report a sting” and complete a short questionnaire. The whole process should take less than 5 minutes. The information collected will help us determine if there are any particular hotspots or areas to avoid swimming in. It will also give us a good estimate of how many persons are stung each summer. Thank you for your time and information.

Click here for an information sheet for First Aid for the treatment of JellyFish Sting

Jellyfish ID Card
Click here
for a link to a partial jellyfish ID card provided by   Tom Doyle from te Zoology Dept of UCC a few years ago.